The Republican Party is Not MY Party Anymore

Maybe it never was and I’ve just been deceiving myself all these years.  Jay got out in 2008 after being elected a Republican delegate for Minnesota and listening to the leaders (even at the regional level) preach from the podium that true Republicans MUST weed out the supporters of Ron Paul and not allow them to go to the RNC.  The hatred that the party-line Republicans have against Ron Paul is astounding.  As we have witnessed at the RNC in the past few days.  I cannot, in good conscience, remain in a party that demonstrates so little respect for its members and who has so much fear of their power being taken away that they will do whatever they have to in order to maintain it.  The Democrats, and President Obama, are not the enemy–they are just the left side of a overly fed, overly powerful, overly manipulative face.  The face of our government.  The Republicans are just the right side of that face, but it’s still one face.  A facade.  Most of the time it’s a very ugly facade.

I don’t want a face-lift.  There are too many ugly wrinkles and it’s too late.  I don’t even think plastic surgery would help since the brain behind the face would keep doing exactly the same thing it does now–trying to control the stronger half of the body so that they can cover the mouth of the side of the face they don’t like.  It’s beyond ridiculous.  We need another alternative.  I don’t know what that is yet.  I’m just going to start looking at other parties.

I’m attaching an article here that explains, much better than I can and with experience to back up her words, some of the problems with the facade that is the Democratic and Republican parties.  I don’t usually wander into the political, because it’s really quite depressing and I’m an optimist, but I’m so fed up that I’m diving in where I’ve always been loathe to even dip my toes.  Dirty, no filthy, waters here.  Deep breath; pinch my nose closed.  Here I go…

Optimistically yours,