A Day with Good Friends at Valhalla Resort

Jay, Jillian, Julie and I were invited to spend the day with our good friends Brian and Janna Nelson at Valhalla Resort on Island Lake yesterday.  The girls waited just long enough to get sunscreen on before they were swimming in the beautiful lake with the Nelson boys: DeForrest, Simon and Connor.  Brian took Jay and I around the lake in his boat while Janna hung around with the swimming kids.  He pointed out a Bald Eagle’s nest, the other resorts on the lake (there are also many private homes) that are on one side and the protected, wild land on the other side, and many other interesting sights.

The high temperature was around 80 degrees.  It was sunny with fair winds, perfect.

Janna and I took a short ride around the cabin area in the paddle boat.  Great exercise.

After eating grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, three-bean salad, grape salad, broccoli salad, chips, and s’mores we watched the almost-full moon begin to set over the lake.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Four Hershbergers unaminously agreed that it was a lovely time of relaxing and enjoying the company of our friends.  Memories were made yesterday.  We are truly blessed to have the Nelson family in our lives.

A year ago, if someone had said that my girls would enjoy hanging out with a family of only boys, I would have been skeptical.  But in the past year our families have spent more time together and I think the kids enjoy it at least as much as the adults do!

Skepticism erased.  I’m just a cock-eyed optimist again!

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