My First Horse!!

For most of my life I’ve wanted to own a horse. I know, I know, most little girls (and maybe a lot of little boys?) want a pony at some point in their lives and I was no different, but my desire to have a horse didn’t go away as I grew up. I always had a dream to live out in the country and own horses.

Eight years ago the first part of my dream came true when my husband and I bought 12 acres out in the country. The farmstead was already home to two horses (neither of which came with the property, darn it!) so we knew it was perfect. When the owners offered to sell one of the horse feeders already in the corral, we jumped at the chance. But that was as close to owning a horse as we would come. Until last Friday!

Meet Maximus:

Maximus We transported Max to our farm on Friday, June 19th, and while we were trying to get him stabilized in the trailer before even leaving his previous owner’s farm, he banged his head on a bar in the trailer and cut himself on the forehead. The owner, who was in the trailer with him trying to calm him down when it happened, looked it over and told me how to take care of the wound when we got him to my farm. And we started home.

I was so excited. I’d originally planned to give him a bath when we got him settled and then let him roam his new place. By the time we unloaded him, he was trembling from nerves. He hadn’t been hauled for a long time so it was a hard trip for him. I put some medicine on his wound and we let him go. No bath, he needed to completely heal first.

And so our journey as new horse owners began!

Over the next few months, or maybe it’ll be ongoing even after that, I’m going to try to document our journey. I’ll share our experiences (and will even try to keep track of expenses) so that maybe I’ll help someone else to avoid our mistakes and learn from our adventures with Maximus.

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